cliff complex

Also listed from the 25th: along with, I think, the rest of my studio, I was in a grand open sort of organic building, with softly molded arched openings, atop seaside cliffs that ran north-south, with the sea to the east. It was a gauzy, dream-pop morning, all pastel colors and soft air. We were doing work inside, I think, but I also had a view of the complex from downhill to the northeast. Thence, with a few other people, I walked over across a milieu of plazas toward the north; the sky was bright overcast; the situation turned into that I was back at Wms to take some grad classes. There were lots of changes to the campus; at the south (east) side of what seemed to be the Chapin Lawn, a new plaza with a large circular decoration inlaid had been installed. I continued across into a brick-walled courtyard, at the north side of which was the shell of a building that seemed to still be being worked on. I entered a boatshed-like area where there was a wall on the south side but the plaza and so on could be seen from the loft space above it, as I found when I rode a pneumatic ladder up to the loft to get something or other.

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