city run

From the 14th: I was running with some friends through a city on an overcast but clement day. A view of a lot of buildings on the ridge to the west emerged as we ran south; it was a jumble of old and new buildings (e.g. a cathedral, plus lots of chimneys or other protrusions) mostly light in color. We continued up a winding street up a hill. Maybe in a different scene, I ran up a stepped street/linear park (with trees within and beside it and houses along the side, and maybe wooden playground equipment or some kind of hybrid between that and landscaping elements) toward the southwest. I was sweating profusely. I passed by some children who might have been commenting on me.

Another vignette I recalled was being on the start of tour of a large contemporary building with an architecture class; I specifically remembered the guide saying that photographing welcome. The ceiling was a complex grid of beams and/or HVAC; the east and west walls of the hall we were in were exterior, the entrance being on the west side; to the north of the hall was another large area, separated by glass and having a floor level about half a story higher. Some people walked past us on errands within the building.

I seemed to watch or experience a documentary on the work of an architect who made experimental shelters in the woods out of corrugated plastic, clear sheet plastic, etc; they were very precise and geometric and used the conceit of wide separations between walls and roofs that still kept precipitation out. This wouldn’t work IRL, I realized when I mentally reviewed one of the designs after waking up; but formally and tectonically the work was pretty compelling even so.

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