cheese harvest

From the 11th: one snippet from a wider scene that I forgot the rest of was that I was up at the top of a hill (almost like the Muny upper parking lot) with a driveway circling up from the northwest (like the Mt. Hope mansion); on the north side of the drive were two large rectangular areas of cheese sitting on the ground, curing in the open air; they were about 4″ thick, with a firm-tofu-like texture but a bit yellower in color. I think it was middayish, with or without sun.

Later, in Hancock, maybe in the same scene, I was talking with some other locals; it was a clear late afternoon, with the sun behind the trees already. We were on a north-south-running wide grass way within a larger field area bordered by woods, with the land sloping down to the north; the grass way was lined by a few farm buildings, and there was maybe a road beyond along the western edge of the clearing. It was thus based on RL Smallholding Farm just up the road from us. One guy went by hiking up the hill (toward the south) and someone mentioned how odd it was that he always knocked on everyone’s door in town when an issue came up (or something to that effect).

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