Austin city limits

From the 15th: I was travelling by train somewhere in the US as part of a class or with group of friends. Early in the morning (it was sunny and clear), we rolled in to Austin along the way toward our eventual destination. We passed by a great number of beautiful, varied old brick buildings with impressive arches and so on, which loomed over the tracks. This architectural treasure trove had been completely unfamiliar to me previously (and it doesn’t actually exist IRL), and I was incredibly impressed. We stopped there for several hours, so I went exploring with one of my friends. We walked north from the station on the west side of the street along under a covered sidewalk, into an office building and into an elevator that we had to scramble up the (textured metal) wall of in order to get through a hatch in the ceiling into the actual elevator. Once there, we went up in the elevator and emerged at a room (about the size of a living room) with windows on all sides where a used-clothing sale was happening; a bunch of people, mostly women and kids, were there, and the clothes were laid out on dark tables and furniture.

At another point, it was deep blue evening in El Raval, in Barcelona; the scene was initially an Arlo & Janis cartoon and I think it was a still comic, but it eventually morphed or proceeded into Helsinki — still in comic form, but showing Mannerheimintie and Lasipalatsi; my brain had apparently equated Las Ramblas with Mannerinheimintie, which is kind of cool. The Lasipalatsi sign was not spelled right, although I thought that maybe it was the Swedish spelling. Then the scene became live-action, where I was going into a subterranean grocery store on the west (RL northeast) side of Mannerheimintie with my friends/parents and getting a variety of things; afterward the setting was a large hotel room or maybe apartment, but I didn’t recall anything besides that.

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