• I was at the taping of a television show, I think, in a hall with a stage on the north side and just stage lighting plus a small amount of daylight from the east; an interviewee on the stage was smoking a cigarette in a kind of holder; Laurence Fishburne, or a lookalike, who was an enforcer and was sporting a crew cut, yelled at him about this because smoking was prohibited; then my mind’s eye cut to filmed clips of security beating down crowds in a different place.
  • I went to concert in a trailer-like club in a location like down the NH driveway; I got my book/wallet stamped at a separate (north-facing) shed so I could smoke (though I didn’t intend to do so), which some friends I was with realized they should do too (because they did want to be able to). Inside the club I realized it was 11AM (even though it had been evening twilight before going in) and I was late for the 10:00 group meeting (that I had IRL this morning), so I left. I returned on a bus (where everyone on it spoke German, so I did likewise) for some reason, maybe to pick up something I’d forgotten; I had the bus drop me off a little ways down the street from the club; it was a picturesque east-west cobblestone street in a rural village with small wooden (maybe red) houses along it, closely packed. I said hi to some people who had showed up subsequently and explained that I couldn’t stay.

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