One unusual scene that sticks out from last night’s dreams is that Raekwon, Dad, and I were chefin’ a huge batch of crack in a large wok, on a stove in a room lit just by some north daylight. We were stirring the mixture to dissolve the cocaine in the water. I started cutting a pair of jeans to put in the solution, and Dad wanted to cut my blue shirt in as well, which I didn’t want to do; Raekwon was out of the room, so I asked Dad why Rae wanted the blue clothes mixed in — was blue crack his signature or something? — and he didn’t know; I wondered if we could just use blue food coloring instead, which I knew we had on hand.

The only other scene I can remember at the moment is a much more vague one of being at some kind of rustic cabin with large windows perched atop a gradual, rocky, southwest-facing slope and with a long south and west outlook to the country beyond, and with woods close to the north and east; it seemed to recall the RL Guides’ Kitchen in its siting. It was late afternoon and the sky was filled with modulated alto- and cirrostratus clouds with the sun shining through, a classic Western-like scene.

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