road valley

The one scene that really stayed with me from last night was that I crossed Skinker/FPP from southwest to northeast at night and then continued down a steep hill on a road curving from northeast to east, with close-packed small houses and lush greenery. After the base of the hill it was sunny and early afternoon, and the road (going uphill and continuing east) was the Hancock/Bennington intervillage that is part of the recurring local pseudogeography of my dreams; here it was a fusion of 137 east of Antrim Rd and of Antrim Rd northeast of 137. The stretch was newly spruced up with public buildings (a white-clapboard fire station on the west end of the north side of the straight part of the road, labeled Industry Fire Department or something similar, plus another building on the north side of the road that I don’t remember any more about) and with a huge area of landfill on the south side that extended higher than the road’s height of land. Woods were just beyond the north-side buildings.

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