Sind funicular

The dream I had last night (and this thus finishes up the backlog) contained multiple dubious geographic notions about Pakistan: specifically, that all of Pakistan’s major cities were concentrated in the northwest, in the province of Sind (which is IRL entirely not in the northwest), and that that was also where the Sikh population was concentrated (which is less far off, but still good and inaccurate). I was there, near the capital city, descending down a mountain valley toward the north, looking out to the city, in a futuristic tubular, glazed funicular, which crossed over perpendicular tubeways with curious blue exoskeletons containing cresting, serpentine whorls on top. I and some other people disembarked where a sharply sloped snowy road led eastward, down into a parallel mountain valley. The sides of the valleys were steep, jagged rock, partially snow-covered. I took pictures; the location turned into a semi-interior, glazed space with a view out to the snowy vicinity. In a different scene, I was crawling uphill to the west edge of a snowy forest, with white afternoon sun peeking in through the edge trees. At the very edge, next to the open, snowy field beyond (it was pretty much like the fields west of the main barn at Spruce Ledge), was a layer of low shrubs, which worked as an ecotone; I could tell because little rodents were continually travelling along it (lots of animals => favorable habitat => ecotone, obviously).

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