room 22

  • This is from two nights ago (the 15th). The first thing I recalled was that I simultaneously had Barcelona and STL studio final reviews coming up soon, though Barcelona’s was later. For one of the studios, the project (which I was only just becoming aware of) was to redesign a room of a large old building (a mansion or something similar); I had room 22, a smallish room with some mauve coloration, fancy furniture, and west windows, where I explored. Another setting for the scene was an outdoor area similar to the green of West Whale Bay Park, sloping down to the south with a view out to the south and with some definition to the east and west, and with a bright, textured overcast sky.
  • I was at the west edge of a university quad, sitting with my legs hanging over the wall of a dry moat next to the edge building (a horizontal Collegiate Gothic building), on a late, crisp, sunny fall afternoon. I was talking with a couple of other people about ways to improve the quad’s landscaping (e.g. more plants with vivid fall foliage). We were in the deep shade of the building, with the sun only reaching the eastern part of the quad. The quad was part of a patchwork of quads, with another quad off the northwest corner of the quad we were in, and another one visible beyond that (beyond that quad), with some formal-garden, orthogonal sorts of stonework and plantings.

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