Whoof, this was an extensive one, from two four days ago (the 13th), where I had to get up early and was right in the middle of dreams when woken by my alarm and therefore remembered a lot.

  • I was among a group of people in a basement-attic — that is, it was the space underneath the main living space of the building, and yet it was well above ground level. It was about the size of a typical living room. There was a stair on the west part of the room, I think, and windows in the east and west walls, and the walls were dark, seemingly paneled with masonite. There was a developing large (fireplace-sized) hole in the north wall due to moths, which were densely roosting on the edges of the hole; the guy who owned the apartment above was talking about how he’d contracted to fill the wall gap with concrete to get rid of (encase) the moths. Also there was a family of four, the mother being Asian and the father Caucasian, and their two children looked like an exact mixture of both. Strangely, there was also a family of four dogs with the same visual relationships between the two parents dogs and their puppies. The male puppy’s name was Panda, and he did look sort of panda-like. (That’s not a bad name for a dog for real, actually.)
  • My parents and I were hiking in a semi-dusky mist around a snowy, wooded wetland at the common border area of all the Nordic countries. Finland owned the wetland itself up to its western bank, and Norway and Denmark (I think) bordered it there. Little flags and signs bearing the names of the respective countries were hung on the trees standing on the borders.
  • I was calling in to Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning across time in 1972, while they were driving somewhere, maybe to a filming location for Doctor Who. I was asking them about the reshooting of classic series stories, which of course they didn’t know about (since it wasn’t 2005 yet), but were good-natured and were having a rather uproarious time. The dream showed them from slightly outside and ahead of, and above, the left front window of the car.
  • In a fluorescent-lit officey room, a group of people that I was part of were making Old Home Day preparations; we were sitting at a set of folding tables placed in a U configuration. One guy next to me was spreading out newspapers all over the tables and chairs, and I think I started to help out. Subsequently, in the boatshop, facing west, was another group of people, practicing an alternating spell-out song. Then the scene became outside in a field near a fence and some kind of path next to it (to the east), both aligned north-south, plus power lines splicing in. I was looking eastward from the fence but later floated up into the air, narrowly avoiding the power lines. I drifted southwest and landed across the fence and path in an orchard or grove with T-structures holding up maybe netting for the trees; it was within a larger open area with a similar spatial configuration to the RL field at home.

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