This are from 12th.

  • In studio at Givens, in the middle of the afternoon, one of my friends let me try out a TARDIS USB hub (which I had read about IRL online the day before; it’s really silly that my brain decided to uptake it of all things into this dream), which was totally sweet (especially the vworp); we chatted about Doctor Who for quite a while.
  • At a place that seemed like a rustic-style highway rest stop with restaurants or maybe a lodge in a national park, with open land to the north and east and woods to the south and west, I was with a number of WU people on a mid-late afternoon; we were eating at a picnic table, which was one of a row of them along an east-west wall that seemed partly outside; one guy claimed that soy-based meat substitutes often had real meat in them; I didn’t believe this, and countered that, conversely, many processed meat products actually contained non-meat components, such as soy.

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