This also shows as being from the 5th, so maybe the previous post was actually earlier.

  • I was walking northward with a group of people at the southern edge of a woodsy campus in Finland, along a variety of paths. Buildings (mostly small and wood construction) and paths were all in a milieu of medium-density woods, their density between that of a thick forest and that of a park, say; lots of late-morning sunlight, diffused through altostratus, was shining in, because the leaves weren’t yet out. We shifted direction frequently and traded off leading the way over the paths. We were heading for a specific building on the campus.
  • In a large concrete-floored workshop without windows, a bunch of WU people were working on large models or building elements of a wide variety of materials, including plywood and various plastics (plexiglas and polystyrene, I think). Lots of extra materials were lying all around.
  • My last note says “script work,” and I have no recollection what that refers to.

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