lone orchid

Oh dang, a big backlog (7 posts) has developed. I’m going to try to handle them all right now. This is from the 5th. Man, this one was a while ago.

  • I (and maybe other people) was at the east end of a dirt road, which to the west, downhill a little, was like RL Old Bennington, bordering woods; at the end where I was, though, the view was more open out to the south, with I think some sun through clouds. The road was rutted out by construction vehicles. Subsequently I was further west on the road, where an orchid with a single, orange-centered flower was growing all by itself in the loose gravel at the edge of the road, near the (as IRL) angle-trunked tree; the sky was overcast then, but bright.
  • I entered a taupe-colored dining hall at its southwest corner; it had a pretty much double-height ceiling; it was sparsely attended at that point, which was the beginning of the lunch period. The main servery was to the northwest and there was a salad bar in the middle of the room to the southeast, and there were large windows along the east wall, with bright overcast light coming in. Overall it recalled Baxter. Some WU friends were there as well.

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