afternoon flying

This is from the 10th. I was at an eastern seashore in the late afternoon or maybe the evening twilight; a man in a spacelike suit touched down into water in a small air vehicle and seemed to lose some limbs (though I don’t remember that being gory at all) but he caught hold of a large handle on the vehicle and rode it back into the air. Subsequently I was with him in the cabin of the vehicle, flying west toward the sunlight. Descending pixelly graphics (like The Matrix, I guess) appeared on the windshield. We landed on the edge of road next to evergreen woods and were met by ducks or fish (the memory of them was muddled when I wrote these notes down). The situation was tense for some reason I don’t recall or that maybe was never clear. Later, I was in my room in NH with lots of things around that had been packed in my suitcase.

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