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  • I was at the taping of a television show, I think, in a hall with a stage on the north side and just stage lighting plus a small amount of daylight from the east; an interviewee on the stage was smoking a cigarette in a kind of holder; Laurence Fishburne, or a lookalike, who was an enforcer and was sporting a crew cut, yelled at him about this because smoking was prohibited; then my mind’s eye cut to filmed clips of security beating down crowds in a different place.
  • I went to concert in a trailer-like club in a location like down the NH driveway; I got my book/wallet stamped at a separate (north-facing) shed so I could smoke (though I didn’t intend to do so), which some friends I was with realized they should do too (because they did want to be able to). Inside the club I realized it was 11AM (even though it had been evening twilight before going in) and I was late for the 10:00 group meeting (that I had IRL this morning), so I left. I returned on a bus (where everyone on it spoke German, so I did likewise) for some reason, maybe to pick up something I’d forgotten; I had the bus drop me off a little ways down the street from the club; it was a picturesque east-west cobblestone street in a rural village with small wooden (maybe red) houses along it, closely packed. I said hi to some people who had showed up subsequently and explained that I couldn’t stay.


One unusual scene that sticks out from last night’s dreams is that Raekwon, Dad, and I were chefin’ a huge batch of crack in a large wok, on a stove in a room lit just by some north daylight. We were stirring the mixture to dissolve the cocaine in the water. I started cutting a pair of jeans to put in the solution, and Dad wanted to cut my blue shirt in as well, which I didn’t want to do; Raekwon was out of the room, so I asked Dad why Rae wanted the blue clothes mixed in — was blue crack his signature or something? — and he didn’t know; I wondered if we could just use blue food coloring instead, which I knew we had on hand.

The only other scene I can remember at the moment is a much more vague one of being at some kind of rustic cabin with large windows perched atop a gradual, rocky, southwest-facing slope and with a long south and west outlook to the country beyond, and with woods close to the north and east; it seemed to recall the RL Guides’ Kitchen in its siting. It was late afternoon and the sky was filled with modulated alto- and cirrostratus clouds with the sun shining through, a classic Western-like scene.

road valley

The one scene that really stayed with me from last night was that I crossed Skinker/FPP from southwest to northeast at night and then continued down a steep hill on a road curving from northeast to east, with close-packed small houses and lush greenery. After the base of the hill it was sunny and early afternoon, and the road (going uphill and continuing east) was the Hancock/Bennington intervillage that is part of the recurring local pseudogeography of my dreams; here it was a fusion of 137 east of Antrim Rd and of Antrim Rd northeast of 137. The stretch was newly spruced up with public buildings (a white-clapboard fire station on the west end of the north side of the straight part of the road, labeled Industry Fire Department or something similar, plus another building on the north side of the road that I don’t remember any more about) and with a huge area of landfill on the south side that extended higher than the road’s height of land. Woods were just beyond the north-side buildings.

Sind funicular

The dream I had last night (and this thus finishes up the backlog) contained multiple dubious geographic notions about Pakistan: specifically, that all of Pakistan’s major cities were concentrated in the northwest, in the province of Sind (which is IRL entirely not in the northwest), and that that was also where the Sikh population was concentrated (which is less far off, but still good and inaccurate). I was there, near the capital city, descending down a mountain valley toward the north, looking out to the city, in a futuristic tubular, glazed funicular, which crossed over perpendicular tubeways with curious blue exoskeletons containing cresting, serpentine whorls on top. I and some other people disembarked where a sharply sloped snowy road led eastward, down into a parallel mountain valley. The sides of the valleys were steep, jagged rock, partially snow-covered. I took pictures; the location turned into a semi-interior, glazed space with a view out to the snowy vicinity. In a different scene, I was crawling uphill to the west edge of a snowy forest, with white afternoon sun peeking in through the edge trees. At the very edge, next to the open, snowy field beyond (it was pretty much like the fields west of the main barn at Spruce Ledge), was a layer of low shrubs, which worked as an ecotone; I could tell because little rodents were continually travelling along it (lots of animals => favorable habitat => ecotone, obviously).

room 22

  • This is from two nights ago (the 15th). The first thing I recalled was that I simultaneously had Barcelona and STL studio final reviews coming up soon, though Barcelona’s was later. For one of the studios, the project (which I was only just becoming aware of) was to redesign a room of a large old building (a mansion or something similar); I had room 22, a smallish room with some mauve coloration, fancy furniture, and west windows, where I explored. Another setting for the scene was an outdoor area similar to the green of West Whale Bay Park, sloping down to the south with a view out to the south and with some definition to the east and west, and with a bright, textured overcast sky.
  • I was at the west edge of a university quad, sitting with my legs hanging over the wall of a dry moat next to the edge building (a horizontal Collegiate Gothic building), on a late, crisp, sunny fall afternoon. I was talking with a couple of other people about ways to improve the quad’s landscaping (e.g. more plants with vivid fall foliage). We were in the deep shade of the building, with the sun only reaching the eastern part of the quad. The quad was part of a patchwork of quads, with another quad off the northwest corner of the quad we were in, and another one visible beyond that (beyond that quad), with some formal-garden, orthogonal sorts of stonework and plantings.


Whoof, this was an extensive one, from two four days ago (the 13th), where I had to get up early and was right in the middle of dreams when woken by my alarm and therefore remembered a lot.

  • I was among a group of people in a basement-attic — that is, it was the space underneath the main living space of the building, and yet it was well above ground level. It was about the size of a typical living room. There was a stair on the west part of the room, I think, and windows in the east and west walls, and the walls were dark, seemingly paneled with masonite. There was a developing large (fireplace-sized) hole in the north wall due to moths, which were densely roosting on the edges of the hole; the guy who owned the apartment above was talking about how he’d contracted to fill the wall gap with concrete to get rid of (encase) the moths. Also there was a family of four, the mother being Asian and the father Caucasian, and their two children looked like an exact mixture of both. Strangely, there was also a family of four dogs with the same visual relationships between the two parents dogs and their puppies. The male puppy’s name was Panda, and he did look sort of panda-like. (That’s not a bad name for a dog for real, actually.)
  • My parents and I were hiking in a semi-dusky mist around a snowy, wooded wetland at the common border area of all the Nordic countries. Finland owned the wetland itself up to its western bank, and Norway and Denmark (I think) bordered it there. Little flags and signs bearing the names of the respective countries were hung on the trees standing on the borders.
  • I was calling in to Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning across time in 1972, while they were driving somewhere, maybe to a filming location for Doctor Who. I was asking them about the reshooting of classic series stories, which of course they didn’t know about (since it wasn’t 2005 yet), but were good-natured and were having a rather uproarious time. The dream showed them from slightly outside and ahead of, and above, the left front window of the car.
  • In a fluorescent-lit officey room, a group of people that I was part of were making Old Home Day preparations; we were sitting at a set of folding tables placed in a U configuration. One guy next to me was spreading out newspapers all over the tables and chairs, and I think I started to help out. Subsequently, in the boatshop, facing west, was another group of people, practicing an alternating spell-out song. Then the scene became outside in a field near a fence and some kind of path next to it (to the east), both aligned north-south, plus power lines splicing in. I was looking eastward from the fence but later floated up into the air, narrowly avoiding the power lines. I drifted southwest and landed across the fence and path in an orchard or grove with T-structures holding up maybe netting for the trees; it was within a larger open area with a similar spatial configuration to the RL field at home.


This are from 12th.

  • In studio at Givens, in the middle of the afternoon, one of my friends let me try out a TARDIS USB hub (which I had read about IRL online the day before; it’s really silly that my brain decided to uptake it of all things into this dream), which was totally sweet (especially the vworp); we chatted about Doctor Who for quite a while.
  • At a place that seemed like a rustic-style highway rest stop with restaurants or maybe a lodge in a national park, with open land to the north and east and woods to the south and west, I was with a number of WU people on a mid-late afternoon; we were eating at a picnic table, which was one of a row of them along an east-west wall that seemed partly outside; one guy claimed that soy-based meat substitutes often had real meat in them; I didn’t believe this, and countered that, conversely, many processed meat products actually contained non-meat components, such as soy.

afternoon flying

This is from the 10th. I was at an eastern seashore in the late afternoon or maybe the evening twilight; a man in a spacelike suit touched down into water in a small air vehicle and seemed to lose some limbs (though I don’t remember that being gory at all) but he caught hold of a large handle on the vehicle and rode it back into the air. Subsequently I was with him in the cabin of the vehicle, flying west toward the sunlight. Descending pixelly graphics (like The Matrix, I guess) appeared on the windshield. We landed on the edge of road next to evergreen woods and were met by ducks or fish (the memory of them was muddled when I wrote these notes down). The situation was tense for some reason I don’t recall or that maybe was never clear. Later, I was in my room in NH with lots of things around that had been packed in my suitcase.

uphill roads

I only wrote down one scene from this night, which was the 7th, which was this: I was riding in a car with my parents up a steep mountainside road that was climbing eastward on the southern slope of the mountain. The trees around had bright gold fall color and the sky was blue, I think, so the scene was quite beautiful. I was somewhat worried about the car going off the road, but no problems arose. I discovered that my camera had a low battery signal, but I had extra batteries. We reached a junction on another part of the road where we were on a north-south section and another road went off to the east, again uphill. At the start of the eastward road was a tall frame arching over it.


This also shows as being from the 5th, so maybe the previous post was actually earlier.

  • I was walking northward with a group of people at the southern edge of a woodsy campus in Finland, along a variety of paths. Buildings (mostly small and wood construction) and paths were all in a milieu of medium-density woods, their density between that of a thick forest and that of a park, say; lots of late-morning sunlight, diffused through altostratus, was shining in, because the leaves weren’t yet out. We shifted direction frequently and traded off leading the way over the paths. We were heading for a specific building on the campus.
  • In a large concrete-floored workshop without windows, a bunch of WU people were working on large models or building elements of a wide variety of materials, including plywood and various plastics (plexiglas and polystyrene, I think). Lots of extra materials were lying all around.
  • My last note says “script work,” and I have no recollection what that refers to.