Ray & Ray

Just a quick thing from a nap, and it was almost like I was half-awake during this: I realized all of a sudden that two of my favorite webcomics had characters named Ray Smuckles. One of the Rays was a cat and the another was maybe a bear or a rabbit. It occurred to me, further, that they wore the same kind of glasses. It was the confused sort of thinking, though, that happens while you’re in the middle of falling asleep in such as a class and trying with mighty effort to get your facts sorted out from each other. So it was difficult to think of exactly which comics each Ray was in. I also remember a dream setting from around when I was having these ideas, which was inside a house, on an upper floor, at twilight; the room I and some other people were in had an exterior wall to the west, with some windows, and there seemed to be a sort of frame taking up most of the room, sort of like an upended row of cubicles, in which one or two computer stations were set up, and I was working on one of the computers, sitting facing west inside the frame, maybe working on a website. I have the impression of there having been descending stairs in the room behind the frame, to the east.

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