soccer plain

Almost there, this is from two days ago.

  • It was a golden-sun morning (especially as it shone on land in the distance) on a Western plain surrounded by mountains, particularly a ruddy slope to the north with trees above it. I was there with a mix of WU and Wms people. There was a base building to the east, somewhat like a barn in massing but maybe detailed more like an athletic hall. We were on what seemed to be soccer fields for us to practice on; these were to the west and northwest of the building, and at one point we ran as a group across them toward the building. To the east and west the land spread out flatter; to the northeast was a nearby slope, closer than the ruddy slope, and along the south was another mountain ridge. There was also a train line bending from east to south to the south of the building, at a lower ground level than the fields; I took a picture of one of my friends standing on the slope at the edge of the tracks as a maroon train went by.
  • I was with some friends in a small inside pool that took up the entire living-room-sized room it was in; there were no windows, just warm diffuse fluorescent light, and the walls were tiled white. From one of my friends there, I learned the method for creating electric sparks from one’s index finger, either inside or outside the water, through a set of hand motions: spin the right index finger around in the water, point outward with the left hand, also in the water; after that, pointing with the right hand would cause a spark. If you produced a spark in the water, it would endure for a while along its line of travel and act as a kind of force field that was difficult to swim through.
  • Late at night at a snowy place, I arrived, maybe with my parents, at the east or north end of a drive with trees on each side and then a wide open space to the south or east further on, and with some mounds of dirt, maybe, that the road had to bend around. At the end of the drive seemed to be a house, but its interior also seemed to be the same as the outdoors. There was lots of car traffic proceeding up and down the drive while I walking along it at one point. We ended up surfing the Web on iMacs in the “house” instead of going to bed.

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