shore barn

All right, still getting to the backlog. This is from the 18th.

  • I was part of a design competition or charrette for a chapel in a windswept village of Denmark near the sea; the sea was to the northwest and maybe northeast of the village, and the land was rocky and grassy. At the time of the scene, it was sunny, around noon, and we were at the entrance of a large barn, the entrance being to the south and basically just a lack of wall, seemingly. The sun streaming into the barn threw the unlit parts of the interior walls and ground (which was just a continuation of the outside rocks and grass) into deep shadow. I think there was a view out to the sea to the northwest through the barn, maybe through such as a side door, and that the boards cladding the barn had small gaps, so you could see the luminosity of the sea and sky through them.
  • I was reading Pitchfork’s review of LCD Soundsystem’s new album (not IRL existing yet), which it gave a 10.2.
  • A friend and I, I don’t remember whether his identity was specific, were conversing; I related the thought that if Are You Being Served? were currently running, they’d probably have an episode where at one point they would be talking about Barack Obama, and then later Barry would actually show up. It would be great.

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