granite bricks

This is from the 22nd.

  • I was walking east on a city street after dark, up to an Indian fast-food restaurant on the south side of the street, to get dinner; some other people went in ahead of me.
  • There was a reception on a rainy day that I attended; it was in a room up some wide steps right off the street to the west; the street wall was glazed, and on the other sides of the room were other rooms; the room was longer in the north-south dimension, and it had a low ceiling and a glossy light-colored floor. It was much like the lobby of a hotel. The reception was peopled by some WU architecture faculty and maybe some other architects. There was a wide doorway to the room to the north, which seemed to be a dining or function room.
  • I was at an open-air concert in northern Norway, at a location where the land sloped down to the southeast; GZA (but with the physical form of Mos Def) and some (white grunge-looking) friends of his were there, and I was chatting with them. At another point, a young band, with seemingly high-school age members, played a powerful cover of “Purple Haze”; I was in the crowd quite near the stage, which was to the south. It was a brisk, cloudy day.
  • Maybe after the previous scene chronologically, I was in a windowless pair of smallish whitish rooms connected by an open doorway, lit by some table lamps, with a bunch of WU students; I suggested that a fountain in the middle of one of the rooms emanating weed smoke would be suitable, and my justification was along the lines of “duh… Method Man!”, as if the Clan were on the way; maybe they were.
  • On an afternoon with supremely clear, breezy air, cool but warmed by the sun, I sat at a picnic table on a park lawn with trees nearby, across from a woman with whom I discussed numerous facets of urban design. Other visions went by as I talked; it was a very lucid discussion, and I wish I could remember some specifics.

I took a nap also, and remembered the following scene from it: I was looking closely at a Google map of Antrim Rd north of 137; the road turned east around a pond to the south, and I began to suspect that it might be High St by that point. I was then running on the height of land of High St at the farm, going north into the woods. My running watch was at about 51 minutes. At the corner of Pleasant St, on the southwest side, there was a new house foundation bordered by woods on the sides away from the roads; it was made of brick-size granite blocks, and I stopped to investigate it, walking up to the north wall and feeling the bricks at the top of the wall.

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