calculator colors

This is from this morning and thus completes the current backlog.

  • My mom pulled out a gray 1950s pocket calculator from a desk drawer, although we seemed to be sitting at a table outside, maybe in a courtyard, in the afternoon, with the sun to the west but fairly high. Low numbers could be added on the calculator to change the color of (I think) a different flat plastic object, or maybe of the calculator’s own shell. With numbers lower than 10, the color was subtle shades of red and orange; I tried 64, and it turned to static.
  • I was at a reunion-like event; it was held in what seemed to be a university building. Within the building was a classroom on the north end with windows on all sides but the south, with the most light coming from the east at one point and at another time from the southwest, but there were also fluorescent overhead lights on. The room had tables set up in a U configuration, focused toward the south wall, and there were refrigerators against the north wall. A door in the west half of the south wall led to a windowless (but with daylight coming in from doorways) serving room with delicious desserts and hors-d’oeuvres being set up on a line of tables running east to west; I think I tried one of the desserts. There was a busy hallway to the south and east, much like the west entrance of the Helsingin Rautatieasema, with a sofa or maybe a set of them, in an island in the center of the hall, facing west. At one point I bounced through from one room to the next, with the bounces being unRListically high and slow; it was difficult to stop when I tried to, because of the momentum. Some WXC teammate alumni showed up in the north classroom, putting their stuff down in the seats they used to sit in when they had a class there.
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