S & Z trains

This is the first of a backlog of several posts that I’m going to update now. This one is from the 17th.

  • I was at a sparsely stocked grocery store lit only by daylight from the west side; the attendants asked me if I was having trouble finding anything, but I wasn’t, I was just trying to decide what to get.
  • Some friends, I think, and I arrived at a busy Red Line T stop near the intersection of Rt 16 and Boston Ave, which was part of a whole Red Line network, including one line called the “Lordon Line” or something similar, which bent around to the northeast roughly on Rt 16’s path. It was a bright, warm, sunny mid-afternoon when we were there. The station grounds were on the north side Boston Ave, with a large plaza area and then the station building(s) to its north. We looked at maps and schedules on a bulletin board in the plaza near the road, and we saw that we needed to take the S train to get the most direct route back home (which was only a mile away or so, albeit), as it went southeast, and that it came at 5:50, which was right then, so we ran inside the station to get on it. There was also a Z train that we could have taken that would have stopped less close to home, as it went southwest through the eastern edge of Arlington.

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