trampoline club

Lots of things remembered fairly vividly from last night:

  • I was at CV, looking for the library, but in vain, as it wasn’t where I eventually remembered it was supposed to be (i.e. at the south end of the main hall on the ground floor, as it is IRL). As I was searching, the places I went included a central space from which stretched out a long windowless corridor to the east, as well as a central stairwell, up against an east exterior wall and separated from the adjacent halls by glazing with brass mullions, and maybe the railings were brass too, early modern style.
  • It was a gray time in November, and I was sending emails to several Wms friends asking if they wanted to get together over Xmas break; I included the fact that I had to go explore a piece of property, I think a wooded, unbuilt set of a few parcels, for some reason, when I was home, and that they were welcome to join me on the exploration if they wished.
  • I was in a grocery store on the south side of an east-west street, on a sunny morning, except it also seemed at points like the south inside wall of the store was actually its north exterior wall — anyway, there were a lot of crates of seafood and such there, many of the crates stacked up in or constituting said wall, and I had to pick up my small black fridge, which was residing in the wall along with the food crates. This (and maybe other of my possessions) would be packed up into a van that, I think, a WU alum was driving, along with three other people’s stuff, as if for moving out of a place. The other thing I remember is speedily carting around the inside of the store in such as a go-cart.
  • Some friends (D.A.R.E. would contest the term) offered me, and I accepted, a foil-covered block of cheese full of LSD. I had to scrape open the cover and scoop out the partially-melted cheese, which was like my normal RL extra-sharp yellow cheddar, to eat it. The trip involved lots of cartoonish and quasi-typographic figures and symbols racing horizontally across my vision, maybe against some background lines like a musical staff; at one point a pair of sunglasses with blue, pear-shaped lenses appeared spontaneously on a round dog sitting upright. (The acid cheese also turned out to be laced with alcohol and coke, I learned later.)
  • Perhaps right out of the blocks from the trip, I was at the edge of the CV fields; at the north end of the fields were a large number of trampolines, with lots of WU people sitting on them; some of the trampolines were crowded with a circle of people, others were unoccupied. It was rather cliquish, I now realize. I sprinted or sort of flew-ran out to the east side of the trampolines and around them to the west while trying to find a a suitable trampoline to land on, one with friends I wanted to see.
  • Later, I arrived at Givens at night and discovered I lacked my ID card; luckily another student came along and let me in along with him. I went upstairs to a set of meeting rooms with glazed partitions, where some of the faculty and some of my friends were in meetings, or just having a get-together; the rooms were lit by low blue-gray light, and they seemed to be inescapable as I tried to move on. However, I eventually found a way out, or at least I ended up in a different room, a smallish room lit by a single diffuse electric light in the southeast corner; I was sitting in the southwest part of the room; a bunch of other people were there as well, and we were all working on a group mental exercise. The exercise had to do with wall-mounted yellow plastic containers with some concentric ring areas and some outlying cup-shaped areas, sort of like that game in an arcade or a fair where you toss a ball, but I can’t remember its name; but here we were supposed to build some sort of networks or structures with other, clear plastic pieces, some of them orthogonal-U-shaped, which fit into the yellow container chambers.

This afternoon IRL while I was out running in Forest Park on the golf course paths, I saw a formation of cirrocumulus clouds to the northeast that looked like an outstretched pair of wings, even with a change of texture on the outer end of the left one that recalled the large end feathers of a wing. In front of it, or just to the side, was what looked to be a large hawk, also front-on in view, but turned out to be some kind of hang-glider. The run was so full of that kind of intense sensory stimulus from the landscape, another example being turning west on the path and having the sun reflecting diffusely but glaringly from the path’s asphalt, that it might as well have been a dream.

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