electro board

This are from last night.

  • I was riding west on a low wheeled board along a concrete (seemingly pedestrian) road, beside a highway to the north and a field to the south, accompanying friends who were jogging. There were lots of people on and around the road, particularly young families in one area for maybe some kind of event; I had to navigate around some small kids. The road curved back and forth gently but stayed parallel overall with the straight highway. I eventually tired of riding on the board and started running, even though I was wearing jeans. It was a sunny early afternoon.
  • Continuing from the scene above, I believe, we arrived at a large cabin in the woods at twilight; the running route continued along the south-side porch of the cabin (we approached it from the west), but there was sudden dropoff at the east end of the porch that took me and others by surprise. There was a side route down the left side from there. Inside, in the southwest corner of the cabin, was a living room with a very well-crafted slate scoop-shaped podium top built into the wooden furniture in the middle of the room. I tried to explain to friends how I thought the slate was used for thermal mass.
  • I was riding in STL through the intersection of Skinker and FPP with one of my classmates close to dusk and noticed a crop of new high-rise development under construction just to the northeast, with towers of diverse color schemes and massing. We had heard about it and decided to investigate. There was a huge freestanding, south-facing clear glass curtain wall with cranes working on it behind it. I think there was another tall wall nearly meeting the curtain wall at an acute angle on the west side, and underneath the curtain wall was a semi-open-air but solidly roofed, low-ceilinged but long (as long as the width of the curtain wall) room, open to the north and white-walled with windows on maybe all the other sides. We ventured to the area between the walls, and I looked up at the nearly overhead cranes with some trepidation. By that point it was an overcast day. The construction workers there told us that we had to initial in the guestbook on a white table in the middle of low covered area below the curtain wall for liability purposes, so we did.
  • At home in NH, just after sunset, I was testing out a curious sampler that made mostly electro sounds. It was about the same size as the electronic cowbell from the other night; it folded out in two leaves, and at least two faces of the leaves were covered by large touchpads that made different sounds according to where they were touched. The sampler also had some metal bars, flanged in cross-section, along some of its edges, and these also made sounds when struck, apparently acoustically, though their response was loud enough to seem amplified. I discovered a set of built-in tutorials in the sampler, but I didn’t have chance to look at them and learn more about its use.

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