mushroom checkers

All right I accidentally worked up a slight backlog due to heavy work load this past weekend, so here’s for maybe even two nights before last:

  • I was running south on Big Bend on a semi-overcast, somewhat wintry day; sometimes, though, my view was from above, like an aerial photo, rather than on the road. I was on the sidewalk on the east side of the road, and beyond me off the road on that side was a series of what seemed like interior rooms, except they weren’t separated from the outdoors, that seemed to stand in for suburban houses.
  • My parents and I were driving along a winding road, I think, like the road just outside New Boston toward Bedford, going homeward (west), having come from adjacent New York and North Carolina. I think it was a sunny afternoon at that point. Soon, though, we were driving back out toward NY and NC, on a sunny late morning, joined by a family with young kids, and we explained the route to them, etc.
  • Along with, I think, some classmates, I was checking into a room for a few days in Willy F, which had been renovated into long narrow one-person rooms, each with a kitchenette taking up one side of the far end of the room. I ended up changing to the room on the north (RL south) end of the first floor, with a north (RL south) window near the door end rather than an east (RL east) window at the far end as the others had. A bookshelf across from the window had on its lower shelf a number of oldish books on horse raising and riding, apparently owned by the owners of the building; I thought to myself “wow, that’s bougie — wait, no, they’re positively aristocratic.”
  • Outside there, on a sunny, dewy early- to mid-morning, were an oldish man and a guy about my age at a picnic table; there was a checkerboard with mushroom-shaped glass checkers. One set of checkers was translucent light tan and the other was white or translucent colorless; there was also another set, maybe incomplete, with wide thin plastic discs. I seemed to be viewing from a seat at the table without really being present. They started a game with the mushroom pieces; I had the introduction to Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ running through my head (“The game of chess… is like a swordfight. …You must think first… before you move.”), which was only slightly off-topic.

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