electronic cowbell

These, then, are from last night.

  • I was talking with one of my friends about joining a band he had started, maybe playing synth or non-drumset percussion. We were in a room with stacks of books, either of a library or a bookstore, near the west edge of the room by a passage to another stack room. The room had a sort of rustic-industrial material palette, with, I think, both wood and dark metal finishes; it was lit by daylight and overhead fluorescent light. There was an electronic cowbell nearby, which I tested out; it was a black nubbly-plastic box, about 12″x14″x2″, on a stand of approximately music-stand height, attached to the stand at the middle of one of the long edges. It contained two identical resonant chambers inside, both also black plastic and taking up the full horizontal area of the container, which could be accessed by popping open the top or bottom of the container. I tried hitting the chambers to see what they sounded like, and they gave a somewhat lower, maybe more damped tone than the cowbell as a whole.
  • I started a run at Delmar and Skinker; it was a more complex intersection than IRL, with a diagonal road running NW-SE. I intended to run east toward Kingshighway. It was a warm, dry sunny mid-morning.
  • On, I think, a run also, maybe the same one, I got into a semi-interior gallery area within a city, with small shopfronts and restaurants packed together in an almost beehivishly cozy configuration, with a roofed and maybe half-walled gallery along the south edge toward the street.

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