road train

  • It was a hazy summer afternoon, and I was playing frisbee with some dogs (who could throw it by moving their heads as they held it in their mouths; some were better at it than others) and maybe David Byrne, and others, in the backyard; the buildings surrounding the yard were somewhat different, more like the boatshop overall, and there were a number of mid-size trees around.
  • I was riding on a train with my class, generally northward or eastward, on an afternoon, along the edge of woods, and the train rode off rails at one point and continued along a road as we approached the airport, which was our destination; as we closed in on it, and another train passed by, the train got back onto rails.
  • In the middle of an intersection of two asphalt roads at a clearing in the woods, where one ran NE-SW and the other went off to the northwest, and both the SW and NW roads went up over a short steep ridge and out of view, was a looped road sideguard, tracing an approximate square, about 1-2′ wide, around a small pool of water below the level of the roads; it was held up by only one wooden post. It was maybe overcast or early twilight.

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