chapel path

  • People in Hancock, around maybe a meeting room table, were talking up their respective houses in competition for a gardening award or such; I could see a flyover view of at least one of the parcels.
  • My class was talking about going on a site visit in the city, ostensibly St. Louis; there was some confusion as to where it was (I thought it was near Brentwood, others had a different idea). A map showed a north-south-running river and along its west bank a linear woodland area, with a clearing and maybe some buildings near the north end; a path extended from the clearing south into the woods, reaching to and beyond a chapel with a Finnish name, which I remembered; this memory was of an earlier dream, I think.
  • At night, I was at the intersection of Skinker and FPP, starting at the southwest corner, and I crossed to the northwest corner. There was scaffolding there up against the wall. For some reason I had to cross back to the southwest corner. Some other students were around too, I think, maybe at the southeast corner.

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