train catch

  • I rode the Metrolink blue line eastward, starting in the living room of a house; the train curved around sharply. I rode it to Clayton, which was more like RL Forsyth in its position on the east edge of downtown Clayton; it was bright dry sunny cool day. I got out, but realized that I had left luggage behind on the train, so I ran east down a long straight gradual gravel hill (along the north side of a highway or other barrier, and with woods to the left) to the end station to catch the train.
  • I was taking pictures from a porch, square in plan, on the north side of a house, in a field with trees to the west, and with most of the west side of the porch walled in, but with an open view to the north and a framed view to the southwest. It was near sunset, with the sun far to the northwest and quite ruddy, and the air cool and at the dewpoint, I think. I was using a removable-lens compact camera; the connection between the lens and the camera body was not sealed, and sometimes it let side light in at certain rotations of the lens. Now that I think of it, this is like the new RL Micro Four Thirds style.
  • Possibly in a continuation of that scene, I was on a grassy ridge west (corresponding to RL south) of Mission Park, where the RL slope down to it is; the ridge bent around the left side on approach; again, it was hazy near-sunset, and I took pictures with the same camera. At the end of the ridge away from Mission, where the rest of the ground rose to meet the ridge level, there were tall evergreens, and one branch hanging low over the beginning of the ridge was worn smooth by people grabbing ahold of it on their way along the ridge.

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