woods plain island

OK it’s late again. First: I had arrived at a house, maybe travelling with my family, and I had to unpack some things and repack or reorganize them, and had to leave again early in the morning. Second: up in Maine, at the cabin, my dad talked about looking for a connection (adapted from RL) down to the old railroad trail, which was also the Intervale on part of its length, west of the cabin. This maybe morphed into being out on a grassy plain with a roofed but unwalled shelter, with a few other people, looking out from the shelter toward the north and west. It was an altostratus-sun forenoon. This, in turn, may have become being at the rocky north shore of a small island (like Utö), with a shed (maybe the same one), on a cloudy day; we had to boat over to the opposite shore, which also seemed like the woods beyond the back 40 of the cabin in Temple IRL, so maybe this scene was actually right after the above cabin scene, but who knows. Anyway, a small pilot boat and a larger ship came into view from the southwest; the pilot boat attached itself by rope to the ship to lead it to safe waters; they passed in front of us, going east, quite close by.

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