pavilion trespassing

In one scene, I was walking south on a late morning through a somewhat garden-like area in a city; it was walled on the east side, and it was densely populated with compact, mostly rectilinear and rather modern-looking pavilions for the leisure of nearby residents. The pavilions were roofed but often had just posts for wall structure; they were I think screened it, and there were simple systems of benches built inside each. There may have been similar outdoor configurations too. Anyway, I went through and between the screened pavilions on my way south, looking for a place to go to sleep, and hoping not to get caught trespassing. Eventually I emerged onto a small road intersection beyond the garden.

By the eastern shore of lake, I was talking to a couple of guys about working (maybe construction?) for them for the next couple of weeks till I (my class?) left; lots of classmates were around too; the discussion occurred by a translucent wall that looked somswhat like like a big Battleship game.

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