anthology backpack

Two scenes I remember from last night. The first was being between my house and 137 on the road, in the afternoon, maybe partly cloudy, and talking with my dad about a project to either shift the route of 137 at Antrim Rd or create a trail on the same path as the potential new route.

The other scene was at a cabin or house I was staying at with WU friends. There was a half-bathroom just beyond the entryway (which lay to the north) and an area to the right (when looking south) with several bunkbeds. It was after dark, and the bed area was lit by a warm incandescent table light; the entryway had an overhead light to the left. The bathroom’s ceiling curved into one of its walls, and there was a clerestory window in the direction of the bed area, letting the warm light through. I took pictures of the ceiling-wall curves in the bathroom. People going to sleep, but I was listening to the Dead Weather on the stereo, so I turned the volume down. There was an area around the other end of the bathroom, perhaps a hallway leading to other rooms. There, against the north wall, was a low table or counter with a lamp lighting it, and against it I discovered a new Beatles Anthology frame backpack, which included zillions of alternate mixes and previously unreleased material (such as a spiffy Kraftwerk emulation). These at first were maybe mp3s, their contents displayed on a small unlit LCD screen, but they seemed to later be physical CDs, because I dug them out of the pack one or a few at a time; also included were a little keyboard and, after more CDs, a big keyboard, both of which were items I’d been looking to get or that were significant in some other way. Finally, at the base was a jar filled with primary- and secondary-colored opaque liquids, which stayed stratified red-orange-yellow-green-blue (top to bottom) no matter whether the jar was jostled. When the jar was tipped at different angles, different sweetish fragrances emanated, depending on which color was next to a small opening near the top of the jar. The fragrances also equated with moods; a narrating voice explained that that was why clubs use the blue fragrance. The pack then played a song and I wanted to stop it; it seemed to contain a portable stereo, but I unpacked the whole thing, while more songs played, but it was just clothes the whole way down. The music turned out to be coming from the stereo I’d been using before.

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