house route

Ugh why don’t I handle these before I’m way sleepy again. Anyway, the scene I recalled upon waking was on an overcast day (like IRL) in NH; I was talking in the house about a run I was about to do, a counterclockwise route, starting from the house; it was like the RL SMS 5K except that it started on Antrim Rd, going in a small loop back to the start, then continuing on a larger loop out to the Middle Hancock Rd area. Just after starting out, I stopped to tie my shoes at a bench sticking out into the road — i.e., aligned perpendicularly to the road and going across pretty much the whole righthand lane. The road was hard-surfaced; there was maybe a similar bench further ahead in the other lane; some friends approached and walked by as I sat on the bench. Maybe later in the same scene, at least seemingly in the same weather conditions, I was cooking something in a pot on the range, and I wanted to find the lid for the pot, but possibly couldn’t, for some reason.

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