prism sunset

All right for what I remember of last night’s dream, the context was that a bunch of us were leaving from a place — a camplike, rural house, perhaps built into the base of an enormously wide tree. The departure might have been due to going back to school or something. Anyway, people were packing up and leaving on a ferry; I walked out to the ferry with them to see them off; I was staying till the next day. In the meantime:

  • A group of us were swimming in a large curved pool with jewellike water on a sunny afternoon. The pool had a waterfall on the north/northeast edge; there was a stand of tall dark evergreens to the south. Some of us swam from the west end of the pool into the base of the waterfall, which was intense, and then out of the pool to the southeast.
  • It was a cloudy early evening out on a south-facing, rocky point of land on the sea. The overcast had a rough texture and broke through occasionally to reveal part of a bright rainbow beyond. Eventually the clouds cleared up, by which point the sun was almost setting; it refracted to green from my POV because we were in the position of the rainbow (like if you look into a prism with your eye in the prism of refracted light that it casts). There was also a second, orange sun in the vicinity. The moon was up high in the southeast; a sailing ship sailed by the moon in the sky. I took several pictures, including one of the ship going by the moon.
  • The morning I had to leave, I was trying to check (in my nice south-facing bedroom in the tree camp) online for ferry departure time, but I had to sign up anew for Internet service, just my luck.

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