walkway psychosis

Man I keep forgetting all about this till it’s time for bed again. Whatever, at least it hasn’t caused my dreams to recur yet:

  • IRL yesterday, I had seen an animated GIF fractal with stripes of red, green, and blue moving through it, and it evoked my childhood adoration of fully saturated colors in spectrum order; it transferred into my dream and eventually was reflected in the shape of a closely-spaced sequence of plastic clotheslines stretched overhead over a lawn surrounded by trees, with maybe more lawn beyond; the lines were kind of saggy, browned, and disappointing. It was a white-overcast day, the sun almost out.
  • At maybe an airport, there was a small room with darkish walls, maybe dark gray or dusty dark blue, with light coming just from a west window and with doorways to other rooms, and a large alcove on the east side. Lots of people were around. There was a short moving walkway in the middle of the room, with blue or green open tent structures on maybe each end, and a strong breeze blowing through them as if from a fan. One woman ventured down the walkway and had, nominally, a slight psychotic episode in the middle of it, which was really more like a slight panic. In the alcove to the east side was a pharmacy counter with about three pharmacists attending, for just such occasions, it seemed. The woman obtained a prescription for a calming drug and fulfilled it at the counter.
  • I watched the opening of the first Doctor Who episode of the upcoming new season; I didn’t see or hear much more than the title sequence.
  • My WU class assembled in a basement room in the school for a meeting; we entered at the southeast side; it was lit by warm fluorescent sconces, mainly from the southwest direction, plus some subdued clerestory daylight to the north. A counter or shelf ran all along the north edge of the room. The room was maybe 25′ east-west and 15′ north-south and seemed to have carpet floor, or at least was a non-reverberatn room. We feared that our studio space was being relocated thither, but that was allayed by the faculty presiding. There were chairs with foldout desks, maybe folded and piled together, and we unfolded a number of them and placed them about for people to sit in. A bunch of us then sat next to a line of flattened cardboard packaging hung squished together on a thin rod, like a shish kebab, the rod running north-south near the west end of the room and sitting a couple of feet above the floor; we started ripping the packaging away and throwing it neatly into a pile nearby.

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