long mountain run

One extended scene last night was of starting out on a long run from a spot of open land partly bordered by woods that I’d driven to in the 9-3. I started out in the early or mid-afternoon; it was a sunny day, cool and fresh. the first part of the run was on a long asphalt road through the woods that went up and over a mountain ridge; it lasted about an hour, till I emerged out in the open at the base of the hill; I think I was heading north at that point. Then I continued in a different direction over more open territory, which seemed to be Appalachian land in Virginia or Tennessee, for another hour or so. I then retraced my steps back to the mountain road, by which time it was twilight (the 9-3 seemed to be there at that point), and proceeded back over the ridge with XC teammates, the leader of whom had a headlamp, as it was totally dark out at that point and the road was unlit, and I was also wearing a headlamp and more or less sweeping. It was about 4 hours total. In a later scene, I described dreaming the abovementioned scene to my parents, making the running scene a nested dream.

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