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Vermont travels

The scene I remember is traveling through southeastern Vermont towns (I think the ones I learned the names of were Windsor and Newton, amusingly; together they formed a school district) to get to a school-related event. It was a clear, sunny, cool late morning; driving south down the main street of one of the towns, there was a really interesting early modern church, somewhat expressionist in style, with a low-vaulted tall-proportioned portico and X-mullioned windows, and with many different hues, on the east side of the street, maybe at a westward curve in the street. The countryside opened up after that to fields and mountains. I also remember being at the destination event in a largish room, somewhat like a library or school room, with gray wall-to-wall carpet, windows on the north, east, and south, and a variety of objects within.

chapel path

  • People in Hancock, around maybe a meeting room table, were talking up their respective houses in competition for a gardening award or such; I could see a flyover view of at least one of the parcels.
  • My class was talking about going on a site visit in the city, ostensibly St. Louis; there was some confusion as to where it was (I thought it was near Brentwood, others had a different idea). A map showed a north-south-running river and along its west bank a linear woodland area, with a clearing and maybe some buildings near the north end; a path extended from the clearing south into the woods, reaching to and beyond a chapel with a Finnish name, which I remembered; this memory was of an earlier dream, I think.
  • At night, I was at the intersection of Skinker and FPP, starting at the southwest corner, and I crossed to the northwest corner. There was scaffolding there up against the wall. For some reason I had to cross back to the southwest corner. Some other students were around too, I think, maybe at the southeast corner.

Masta Killa gets away

My RL journey of Wu-Tang discovery of the past couple of weeks transferred into last night’s dreams. The setting was a long east-west housing block, maybe about 9 stories high, slightly concave on the southern edge, with another long block just to its south. It had balconies along its whole southern façade. The whole Wu-Tang Clan was having a meal in a long room up in the housing block, with indirect daylight coming in from the south. I was Masta Killa. RZA became supremely angry about something and, being omnipotent, cursed the rest of us to die, one by one, from the dishes we were eating. To avoid this, I asked if I could instead shoot myself, displaying a handgun as I asked it, and the request was approved. I excused myself out of sight of the others, maybe down some stairs, and shouted “ka-BLAOW!” (all ODB-style) to pretend I had fired the shot. I then made myself scarce to escape the certain wrath of RZA if he found out I had cheated his death sentence. A throng of people were walking through the plaza between the blocks, and I walked west (or it had become south) to make my escape, staying close to the housing block in order to avoid being noticed through the window by the Clan.

mountain runnins

I just had a 3-hour after-class catchup nap, and now the equinox is about to happen (in exactly 15 minutes from now, in fact). There was one vivid chain of scenes that I must have woken directly up from. It started on a mid-afternoon, mostly sunny sky, or maybe bright partial cloud cover, and I was at the eastern base of a mountain range, where the ground was soggy but clean and covered by grass about 8″ high, and completely flat up to where the mountain slope rose out of it. That edge was irregular, with some of the slopes very nearby and others stretching away into the distance. Through the flat land ran a shallow stream with lots of twists and turns and straight stretches of various lengths, stretching in a general north-northwesterly direction. I jogged in the stream in that direction (I was out on a run) and as I proceeded through the various types of straight stretches, a female narrator mentioned the names of these varieties as if to a viewer of a documentary. Some places in the stream hosted small groups of ducks or fish (which were mostly hanging out at the edges of the stream, so I wasn’t having much trouble staying out of their way) and some contained curious phytoplanktonic macrostructures, maybe some diaphanous, colorless tubes lying flat in the water. (BTW, IRL the equinox has just happened; it’s now autumn. The center sun is now just a little bit south of the celestial equator.)

Later, still mid-afternoon and with sunny sky and very fresh air, I was up in the mountains, just west of the top of the ridge; the gravel road I was on stretched north and south, and another road branched off of it to the northeast, up between rock outcroppings to the ridge, which was only maybe 50′ away. There were trees to the north, south, and west, but an open outlook to the east. I ran up the slant road to the ridge, where there were different levels of rocks and grassy stretches. A number of people were around; I accidentally got in the way of a photographer shooting toward the east with an SLR, and moved out of the way. I was going to run home back down to the southeast; there were various ways I could go, some marked by Swiss-style trail signs, such as one 10km route looping around through the northeastern mountains and then south toward home. I was going to take a more direct route, though, because it was getting late in the day. In the meantime, however, I ended up going into a building on the ridge, very close by, just to the south. Inside there was a large (maybe about 25’x25′), high-ceilinged room with clerestory sunlight coming in from the southwest and with a very large table (taking up most of the room) in the center, which some of my classmates were sitting around. They discussed which day they were signed up for a certain class or tutorial or such; I was signed up for Thursday. Also in the building was a grocery store, which was sort of tucked into a set of smallish rooms, and I noticed a cooler full of Ben & Jerry’s sorbet pints, as well as more pints that were sitting out just around the other side of a doorway. I wanted to get a pint because it sounded like a particularly refreshing idea, and considered one of the raspberry sorbets outside of the cooler, but eventually decided on blueberry; these, unlike the others, which were in normally shaped Ben and Jerry’s containers, were in blue, blueberry-shaped (but still pint-sized) containers.


First: I was in South America, but it was very much like Vermont in the fall; I was on a south-facing hillside with fields of tall hay bordered by orange-leafed sugar maple trees, and it was a brisk afternoon with low sun; quite a lovely setting. I traipsed down through the grounds of a farmhouse and maybe through the house itself, down to an east-west road along a contour, east on the road, and back up the hill. More happened that I’ve forgotten. Second: I observed, as on a map or an aerial picture, a large pier at a harbor, staggered in plan and following an overall curve, where ships would back up to the pier to load or unload their cargo, and there were about 10 parallel lanes at each docking area for trucks etc. to simultaneously park at the ship. From there, I was riding east, very fast, on a limited-access highway with my parents; the south side of the road was, as we discussed in the car, a ridge made of fill from the construction of the pier. We seemed to be very low to the ground and moving very fast indeed, but remained in control, despite the additional challenge of people walking along the narrow shoulders at the side of the highway. At that point it was an altocumulus sky with the midmorning sun showing through partly and making the clouds very bright, as it does.

train catch

  • I rode the Metrolink blue line eastward, starting in the living room of a house; the train curved around sharply. I rode it to Clayton, which was more like RL Forsyth in its position on the east edge of downtown Clayton; it was bright dry sunny cool day. I got out, but realized that I had left luggage behind on the train, so I ran east down a long straight gradual gravel hill (along the north side of a highway or other barrier, and with woods to the left) to the end station to catch the train.
  • I was taking pictures from a porch, square in plan, on the north side of a house, in a field with trees to the west, and with most of the west side of the porch walled in, but with an open view to the north and a framed view to the southwest. It was near sunset, with the sun far to the northwest and quite ruddy, and the air cool and at the dewpoint, I think. I was using a removable-lens compact camera; the connection between the lens and the camera body was not sealed, and sometimes it let side light in at certain rotations of the lens. Now that I think of it, this is like the new RL Micro Four Thirds style.
  • Possibly in a continuation of that scene, I was on a grassy ridge west (corresponding to RL south) of Mission Park, where the RL slope down to it is; the ridge bent around the left side on approach; again, it was hazy near-sunset, and I took pictures with the same camera. At the end of the ridge away from Mission, where the rest of the ground rose to meet the ridge level, there were tall evergreens, and one branch hanging low over the beginning of the ridge was worn smooth by people grabbing ahold of it on their way along the ridge.

ant agonism

  • I was supposed to, against my normal impulses, kill an ant in the kitchen sink; it was walking around on a ridge of the drain, and I tried a couple of times, very unhappily, to bludgeon it with some sort of blunt metal object, but I missed. I couldn’t bring myself to keep trying, so I took the ant outside to Harriet’s porch (it was a gorgeous blue sunny day) and let it go. It was a cathartic rush of relief.
  • At another point, something to do with the Wu-Tang and I think GZA in particular.



  • My new camera turned out to work with my parents’ old SLR lenses, which I hadn’t expected. I tried out the wide-angle lens with great results. Bonus.
  • I was with classmates on some kind of field trip and we ate, it being a crisp sunny morning at that point, at some sort of cafeteria that had a bunch of windows on all sides, looking out to the surrounding area, which seems to have been boardwalk-like, maybe with sea or lake shore to the northwest. I was going to throw away the packaging from my meal, but I realized almost all the individual pieces of it were recyclable, so I hung onto it to recycle at home.

highway runnings

  • First scene remembered: I was running west along a curving, flat highway and then along a gravel path running parallel to it (on its south side) through the adjacent grass; there were woods on each side; it was afternoon.
  • I was inside a small brick-walled shed with a large grill built in, grilling large berries. The only light came from the open doorway. For the purposes of, I think, flipping the grill array over, three adjacent bricks, one of them next to the doorway, came out of the wall. Later, I recounted this to my family as having been a dream; we were sitting in a large brick-walled hall, near the western entrance door, and I indicated on the bricks by the door how the brick removal in the shed had worked, and we agreed that that would have made the shed structurally unsound.
  • I queued up, just after setting out on a run, in one lane of a multilane stop at a stoplight (heading south) on an afternoon, behind a bunch of people (there was a queue in every lane), who waited to start running until the light turned red; everyone therefore had to avoid cars arriving on the cross road from the west. I turned onto this road to the west, and it was the same curving highway and path as before. I crossed the highway and got onto the path, but moved to the grass beside it to let pass a highway crew or police trike-scooter that had approached from behind on the path. I was (suddenly) encumbered by a tote bag that I was carrying around my shoulder, but I still greeted an XC teammate whose route was converging with mine from another path. By that point, it was late morning, not afternoon anymore, and the woods were closer to the road than they had appeared back in the queue, when there seemed to be wide open space toward the west.

woods plain island

OK it’s late again. First: I had arrived at a house, maybe travelling with my family, and I had to unpack some things and repack or reorganize them, and had to leave again early in the morning. Second: up in Maine, at the cabin, my dad talked about looking for a connection (adapted from RL) down to the old railroad trail, which was also the Intervale on part of its length, west of the cabin. This maybe morphed into being out on a grassy plain with a roofed but unwalled shelter, with a few other people, looking out from the shelter toward the north and west. It was an altostratus-sun forenoon. This, in turn, may have become being at the rocky north shore of a small island (like Utö), with a shed (maybe the same one), on a cloudy day; we had to boat over to the opposite shore, which also seemed like the woods beyond the back 40 of the cabin in Temple IRL, so maybe this scene was actually right after the above cabin scene, but who knows. Anyway, a small pilot boat and a larger ship came into view from the southwest; the pilot boat attached itself by rope to the ship to lead it to safe waters; they passed in front of us, going east, quite close by.