catching trains

The night before last, I had a recurring dream scene, although it was multiple instances of a similar situation over time, not an actual loop: I had to catch a 6:02 AM subway train, seemingly part of the NYC system, to get to a dentist appointment at 6:30. The station had a curious ticket-vending machine (or multiple ones) where tickets were dispensed from a segmented rolling metal belt, rather like a metal baggage-claim belt but with smaller segments, and with the belt lying flat at about chest level. The trains came through right on the same level as the ticket machine(s) and the entrance; the entrance was to the west, and the trains ran along the east edge on a curve. The tracks and overhead space for the trains seemed diminutive. The vicinity of the station was a large road in forest in winter.

  • I just missed it the first time and had to reschedule for next day; my parents were unpleased.
  • The next time, I bought a ticket from the machine, but train was delayed by about a half hour, according to the PA announcements, which would have made me late for the appointment, so I had to bump it again.
  • Perhaps after that time, I was walking back to where I was staying, which seemed to be a multi-room cabin, trailing behind a group of people, and some muggers casually walked in front of me and demanded my watch on pain of stabbies. I fumblingly took the watch off and handed it to them, but since it wasn’t a valuable watch, they gave it back to me and were really quite considerate about it. Just to be safe, I paid them off with some of the bills in my wallet once I got back to the cabin, since they had followed me and the group there, and they departed.
  • The third attempt at catching the train was after either a night out or a night spent working on school with friends, but at any rate a late night; we were coming back, and I realized that I had to catch the train right then, since it was almost 6. I ran to the station and crossed the depressed track run (which seemed to be the actual proper way to get to the far platform) to the very tight platform space, which also had some cubby-like seating alcoves in one spot. I got on the train, hoping to be able to buy my ticket on the train.

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