white airship

  • From maybe a clearing or a road where several people were, a policeman led me north through the woods on a wooden platform elevated a fair distance above the ground. It led to his family’s home, a cabin on a hillside sloping up away from us, still in the middle of the woods. The cabin was constructed of rough unpainted wood also, and we entered it from the open area underneath. The one-room interior was stepped to follow the hill’s slope, and it had windows all around. His family was all outside on the uphill side of the house, in a sunny clearing, where there was maybe a garden too. I really liked the cabin and its surroundings.
  • It was evening twilight at Manchester Airport; I was with maybe one or two other people eating dinner, and I had a view of the city skyline to the north. An airship appeared, coming in for a landing. But its hull was actually shaped like a water ship, and its air chamber extended up from around the edge of the hull. The airship was all white, and it was moving surprisingly fast, coming in from the east and eventually landing out of sight.

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