I was with a group of people in a Vermont-like place with woods and small fields and a long body of water to the east and south as we went on a walk out to about 2 miles beyond our home base; there was high afternoon sun shining down within the clearing that seemed to be our destination. There. there was a layer of trees between the clearing and the water, and a bench on the edge of the clearing nearest the water, where some of us sat down. I returned home to get my camera; the camera had been replaced by Canon by different white camera, to my chagrin. At this point I was actually at home in NH. There had been clearing across the road, east of the house, revealing a grassy slope way down toward maybe the same body of water as before. To the left as I looked out my bedroom window, the water came in close to the house and the land dropped sharply, pretty much vertically in a short stretch, to meet it. Beyond that I could see a dock and boathouses belonging to our neighbors; the boathouses were light yellow, matching the neighbors’ house (as it is IRL).

Later, after I woke up and fell back asleep, I dreamt that I was here in STL and continual rain was preventing me from moving my desk chair to studio, which was an RL concern but worked out.

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