water walk

Alright just a quick post because it’s bedtime again, but anyway, one scene was on a fallish altrostratus afternoon, at a smallish pond in Hancock, approximately circular and about the size of a public pool, northwest out of town just a ways up 123, on the north side of the road, with wooded hills surrounding it on all sides except for the exit to the road, where more light was coming through. I was swimming there, as were others; then I noticed people standing on the water surface; I was able to do the same and also walked and ran over the water; the surface tension felt like a pudding skin. Another scene was on a cloudy day at a house, approached from the west, in a field surrounded by woods but with the woods quite distant to the east; the family living there produced ice cream, which sat in numerous semi-frozen deposits around the yard, each of a different flavor. There were several people around. I took some ice cream from one of the piles to have at home.

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