Lots of things remembered from last night:

  • I was staying in a two-room suite, where the walls were non-orthogonal and the light was mostly from north windows (the entrance to the first room was on its south side). I had my bed in the first room, on a slightly raised level at the south end, but decided that I should put it in the second room, to the east of the first, because more light came in there and there was more of the view (it was up fairly high), to the east and south in addition to the north, though the first room also had some west windows, and because I was only staying there a few more days.
  • An image of a map remains in my mind of a looped tour route in the American West somewhere, but I don’t remember what else of it, except maybe an area of woods with a lower clear or settled area to its west, with a road on the tour route at the edge of the woods, in the sun in the early afternoon.
  • The backyard of the NH house, where I and a number of acquaintances were, was steeply sloped from north down to south. It snowed heavily at one point and the snow accumulated deeply, and once it turned sunny we were able to ski down the yard. The snow melted quickly. Before it was gone, though, I tried to find my sleds, and didn’t, so I used a large purple transparent bowl instead, which I think worked adequately.
  • Later, I was in a different version of the house; I checked it out from various points inside and on top of the garage. On the south end, on the roof of the master bedroom, some workers were installing a couple of bulb skylights; the closets in the interior area of the upstairs already had had skylights recently added, which brought in a lot of nice light. When I went into the garage, there were fewer interior partitions than I remembered, and I could see through pretty much all the windows to the south at once, which revealed brick walls of the house on the backyard side; I looked southeast to the road and saw that it had been built up somewhat densely with other brick houses, with the nearest one maybe having granite columns for its front stoop.
  • I went into the fluorescent-lit lab, through the door on its west side, of a physics professor at school, in which I would be taking a course in the fall. He had a number of models of sort of domed or geodesic structures covered by ETFE-like bubbly cells. I and someone else were given a tour, maybe by another professor in the department, of a sort of telephone box up high at the east end of the room. The box consisted of a partial cabinet-like enclosure, a ladder, the phone itself (a normal house phone), more technology of some sort, and a whole area on the wall, extending south from the phone and about 1′ tall and several feet long, covered by a multicolor LED strip that turned back and forth at the ends to cover the area. The phone and LEDs were in deep shadow because of the enclosure, but the LEDs shone brightly and vividly. We proceeded south to the adjacent area, which was like an aisle of a large store, to learn about kitchen counter materials, which we looked at a couple of swatches of. First, though, we had to wait a few minutes, for some reason, so we sat on a bench against the opposite wall of the aisle. A P-Funk-like song was playing through some loudspeakers up to the left at the corner of the wall and ceiling, and after a while I recognized it as indeed a Parliament song. It was a nice liquid, languid slow jam, with crackly hand claps accentuating the fourth beat of each measure. I quipped, half to myself, “Oh Parliament, you’re so funkadelic,” and maybe got some half-amused acknowledgement from the others, which is about all that deserved.

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