Nordic expeditions

  • One scene started out before dawn on a cold, dry winter morning; my Finland class (plus some additional friends) arrived on Utö for a third visit, but instead of the small rocky island it is IRL, it was a wide, flat landscape with highways that, as the blue eastern daylight increased, we crossed over, walking east, to get to a one-story building with a meeting room, which we entered. I then watched the sunrise, which was visible in the distance through the windows on the north side of the room.
  • At the kitchen table in NH, I was talking with the Ting Tings, who consisted of 3 people, one of whom was maybe a producer or other behind-the-scenes guy, explaining his absence from depictions of the band.
  • I looked at an old TIME magazine and in the table of contents, a maybe deep olive green page, an article was mentioned about an expedition on New Hampshire’s Michigan River, which didn’t make any sense to me, since New Hampshire has no Michigan river. But I flipped to the article, and the expedition turned out to have been to Norway, Sweden, and Finland, visiting the countries’ respective highest- and lowest-elevation points. There was a large map, a two-page spread, with the article text starting out on both pages at the bottom. The expedition had taken a rather complex route. The highest mountain in Norway, and maybe of Sweden too, on the border between them, was something like 123,000,000 feet, which didn’t seem quite right, while the highest point in Finland, near the Russian border in the southern part of the country, was only about 1800 feet. The lowest points of all the countries were the coasts.

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