melocampia melodrama

On a late sunny afternoon, I was mowing the lawn in the backyard, but I guess I was called into the house for a minute; I left the mower running, seemingly stationary, but it moved across the lawn and over a flowerbed at the northwest corner of the yard, just inside the fence. There were low-lying cacti and a lowish, maybe yellow-flowered plant, with a high density of stems and small flowers, called melocampia in its path; it trimmed the cacti down quite a bit and chewed up the melocampia. I retrieved and turned off the lawnmower sheepishly. Later I discovered very small clear pustules coming up on my face and was told that melocampia contained a neurotoxin, which was also causing the pustules, and which could led to violent tremors. Luckily the effect was supposedly only temporary.

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