The only parts I remember really are of leaving Barcelona in various ways. First, I was riding east through the Ciutat Vella in a sort of small convertible bus with the roof and rear window open, sitting near the back on the right side and looking out the back window at everything going by, thinking I should be taking some pictures. The sun was out, high in the south, but there were a lot of thunderlike clouds about darkening the sky. The buildings were lower and more diffuse than IRL. We turned left and got to the edge of the old city. At another point, maybe directly after that, I was on a bike, one with smallish wheels, and was riding southwest through an area of plazas surrounded by fairly high buildings with some overhangs, with an outlook out to the south and west; the sun was maybe behind clouds but there was plenty of blue sky. I hopped the wheels up over a large step up in level with pleasing ease. I was trying to get to the airport on the bike, but I got to a deposit area for the bikes (like Bicing) and an attendant told me that it wasn’t possible to ride it to the airport and that I had to park it there. So I did. That’s all I remember.

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