sonic dream

  • I was in my bedroom in NH; at two different points in the scene, I opened the opaque cover to a skylight in the sloped part of the ceiling, which had maybe a lampshade hanging underneath it, but the second time the cover was more complex. In the meantime, I was Thurston Moore, and I was playing a guitar accompaniment to a song Kim Gordon was playing (also on guitar); she and maybe some other people were also in the room. It was a song gently upbraiding me (Thurston) about maybe some domestic issue, and as I grew more and more contrite about the subject, my playing changed from loud repetitive notes to quieter, more intermittent ones that relinquished the spotlight to Kim’s guitar.
  • At night, I was running down a curving suburban street, turning from east to north, and ended up in a richly gardened park that had a lot of soft fencing separating the footpaths from the lawn and flowerbeds; the lawn sloped up toward trees to the north. It was well-lit, unlike the street, by overhead lights; a family went over one of the fences to explore further toward the north, and maybe I too, but we started going back when a police officer appeared; but he made clear that it was OK to cross the fence.
  • I was at a house whose living space seemed open to the air to the south, with afternoon sun streaming in under the overhanging roof; I opened up a utensil drawer within the kitchen cabinets that were against the north wall.
  • I was riding with a large group of people on a coach bus; it was a sunny afternoon again (still?), and we were headed south, on a stretch of road with evergreens to the left and open space to the right, just about to arrive at our destination, when a tractor-trailer, or the trailer of one, slid towards us from the left, but seemingly at a much lower level, and hit the bus. It felt like almost nothing, though, and we continued on to the parking lot where we were headed anyway, which was just a few yards further, and indeed there was very little damage to the bus besides maybe a slight vertical dent where the front corner of the trailer had hit. I unpacked my suitcases in a house-like building right near the bus, but then would have to move my stuff to maybe a different building or back on the bus.

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