• I and some other people were practice-racing on a track, on a sunny midday, with a long view out to the west; I got a time of 18:13, which seems like it would be for a 5K, but it also seemed like the race was just a mile.
  • I worked on packing up over a long period of time in a hostel room, which was long north-south and seemed to have a bunch of doors on the east side, and the light in the room was light yellow, with some daylight coming in from the hall.
  • I was riding in a car on Hancock Main St. east, sunny early afternoon, and one of my friends, next to me in the car, said he had also run an 18:13, which we thought was a pretty cool coincidence. This became walking, turning toward 137 north, but we stopped at a pond at the corner to look at the things floating in it, including maybe some dead animals; the pond though, or pool, was a clean light blue color. There were wooden stairs going down on a lawn adjacent to the east, but we kept going toward the north.

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