builder bag

All right, first thing was that I had a clear, thick plastic bag, just about the same appearance as a collapsible Nalgene bottle only without the cap maybe, and it had black letters on one side in a sort of small keyboard layout, each letter raised up a bit on a low bubble on the surface of the bottle. It was called a builder bag, I think, and by tracing over the letters on it to spell out the name of a substance, that substance would appear in the bag. I traced in “bromine” and the result was a block of a somewhat sticky, somewhat bubbling translucent deep green resin-like solid, which, within the dream, was indeed bromine. The letters started to rub away but I realized that just tracing the shape of the letters anywhere on the bag worked just as well. The extreme economic potential of the builder bag soon dawned on me. (Think about it, it’s on a par with the Midas touch, except more flexible and easier to contain.) I think I conjured copper in it as well.

Later, I transformed the interior of a building by pretty much telekinesis, putting in a stairwell (oriented east-west) with maybe lime green walls and round walls on the ends. I got into an argument with an architect who also tried to transform the building in a different way (with a yellow stairwell, I think) who accused me of being a decorator of façades. This of course was a large insult, and I retorted that I worked from the inside outward, thinking little of the façades at all; I offered my new stairwell as evidence. We proceeded into a large dark-wood-walled but well-daylit hall to the south of the stairwell (with a lower floor level to our south and with skylight from back above the stairwell, a large window to the south on the west wall, and some light coming from the south end of the east wall), which he had created. There was maybe a cafe there and people were sat down and eating. I liked the power of the space and complimented him on it, which I think eased relations.

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