eyegun dogmonster

Falling asleep at the keyboard (time for tonight’s dreams), gonna be quick about last night’s: first, I was floating east on an urban canal, as in Amsterdam, on a donut-shaped float, on a cloudy day; wanted to turn left into another canal, but had to keep out of the way of a tour boat.

Later, I arrived in a Berlin neighborhood on a sunny morning, by train or airplane (two kids on the plane, siblings, sat on each side of me and talking to each other across me, and I wanted to ask them in German, as that’s what it seemed like they were speaking, if they wanted to sit next to each other, but I wasn’t sure enough about their language) — the riding of both took place, but I forget which when. We emerged, at any rate, into a long open space, like a street, but covered with sand and with a wall to the left (west) side and a partial vegetal covering overhead, and tall houses with pitched roofs to the right; on both sides of a length of the lane were glassed-in cafe self-service food shelves, which we had to go through. At some point manifested itself a strange monster, a human and a half tall, in the form of an elongated plush dog; it shot maybe small irritating bombs from its eyes, and so at one point I took the several small real dogs I was taking care of and went into a port-a-potty on the side of the lane and locked myself in. But the eyegun dogmonster stayed outside, and eventually I gave up and went back out, but the dogmonster was accommodating and didn’t shoot us and may have even held the door open. I got a snack from the cafe and asked various friends sitting down at the cafe if they had encountered the dogmonster, which they hadn’t heard about, and that was odd since it had been rampaging just a few feet away from them.

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