bathroom stairs

One set of scenes was that I was in a gathering of people my age I didn’t know well, on maybe the Wms campus; at least, it was in building with some glazed exterior walls. We were staying in rooms there. The bathroom for me and the people I was rooming with, whose identities were unclear, was open to the top section of the building’s main stairs, which wrapped around the bathroom on the north and west sides, reaching their highest level on the west side. This seemed ludicrous, as even the toilet was clearly visible from the stairs. Luckily, there was a set of movable curtain hangers, made of wide plastic pipes, that were in one corner of the room, and we accordioned them out along the edge of the stairs to just about conceal the bathroom from them. (This doesn’t quite make sense, as I think the curtain pipe-rods were at about the level of the stairs, so the curtains would have had to extend up from the rods to cover the stair area, not down, but they weren’t.) The top of the stairs was a large room-sized landing with lots of wood-framed glazing on all sides, with the west, north, and east sides exterior walls, and with a view to sunlit, green woods to the west and north but a more distant view, maybe to water, to the east. The rest of the floor was reached by a door in the south wall. And, of course, there was a view down to my bathroom on the east side.

Another scene was that I was sitting on a flat grass common in a town, with a lake shore just a hundred yards or so to the north, some buildings on the shore, and tree-lined streets in various directions around, on a sunny early afternoon. I was sitting with one of my friends and using my new camera, a Canon SX110 (which I just ordered IRL today after extensive research yesterday, which is why it appeared in the dream) and experimented with the deep telephoto settings down the streets (as I saw in RL Boston-area sample photos online).

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