Boston metro

It was evening twilight, and I was on the southern outskirts of downtown Boston, at an intersection of a couple of small streets with some trees around and with a bus stop in front of an open-structure (painted white) parking garage to the southwest. I wanted to get to South Station, so I caught a bus, during which time the light changed to a sunny morning, to a partly open-walled metro station that was lit by the sunlight only and was somewhat dark but had nice clerestory and doorway light, like a market hall. The metro was a regional/local rail system separate from the T and, I guess, the commuter rail (though maybe the commuter rail was supplanted by the metro in this scenario); this station seemed to be on the metro’s red line. I took a train to another station; the train approached from the south in the station, then curved around to the west and dipped through a lowered opening, accompanied by a large dip in the ground, to make its exit.

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